We have a work party scheduled on 11/13/21 at 8am. We are looking for volunteers who want to help with some club maintenance. Below is the list of items we will be working on and a signup sheet so we know who all is coming out.

Work Party List for MJSA

  1. Clean up dirt along parking lot
  2. Clean up shotgun wads in the trap area
  3. Put up the backstop fence at the outdoor archery range
  4. Glue archery targets to cardboard backers
  5. Repair archery target butts at the outdoor range
  6. Repair backstop on the indoor archery range
  7. Clean drains at pipes under driveways at the parking lot and lower out door range gate parking
  8. Put life guard on garage spouting
  9. Clean up indoor range – use floor scrubber, vacuums, and brooms
  10. Work on replacing linoleum floor in club house meeting room

Sign up sheet linked HERE.