New Membership

  • Download and complete the application form: MJSA Membership Application
  • Download & sign the club waiver: mountjoy ffl waiver
  • Monthly meetings are the second Monday of every month at 7:30 pm.  New candidates for membership must attend both orientation and range certification in order to be voted in.

For any new member to be accepted they must be held to these specific conditions.

  •  The applicant must go through an orientation program.
  • Applicant must complete range certification with a range officer, where they must demonstrate proper use of a firearm and safety procedures for indoor and outdoor ranges. Upon completion, range officers will give recommendations to Board of Directors.
  • Upon receiving range officers’ recommendations, a final decision from the Board of Directors to accept the new member will be given.
  • Applicant must be voted in by current members at a monthly meeting.
  • If a member violates club rules, membership will be revoked.

Club Fees

Individuals: $50

Family: $75

Life: $500 individual, $750 family

  • Additional family membership cards for spouses may be purchased for $10.
  • Membership Fees include the use of ALL club facilities and renew in July.
  • Family Membership includes spouse and children under 18 only, names and date of birth have to be included.
  • New members (individual or family) are charged a one-time initiation fee of $50 in addition to the above club fees.


Members are allowed to bring a guest occasionally to the club. If the person lives nearby, we ask that they become a member after a few visits to support the club.


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Mount Joy Sportsmen's Association