Bowling Pin Shoot



Once a month we hold an outdoor bowling pin shoot. 2 shooters compete against each other to clear their table of 5 pins first.

Shooters have 30 seconds and are allowed a maximum of 20 rounds to shoot each relay. Magazines are limited to 10 rounds (you can use magazines that have more capacity just load 10 rounds max).

Revolvers and semi-autos handguns as well as pistol-caliber carbines (PCCs) may be used for this event. Caliber is .22 LR up to .44 Magnum.

Event is open to the public and cost is $5.

Starts at 9am and goes to noon. Normally it is on the second Saturday of each month but please check the website calendar as this may change due to other club activities.

High Power Military Rifle Shoot

We offer a Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) High Power Military shoot on our 100yd range with reduced NRA targets.

Bring your military style bolt action or semi-auto rifle with 60 rounds of ammunition. Red dots and scopes up to 4.5x magnification are allowed. 

Course of fire is slow fire offhand, sitting rapid fire, prone rapid fire, and prone slow fire. The event cost is $10 and is open to the public. Club rifles and ammo are available to club members. We’ve got a lot of experienced guys who love to teach new shooters so come on out and bring a friend!

Course of Fire:

  • National Match Course, modified for 100 yards
  • Stage #1: 10 rounds Slow Fire Offhand, 100 yds; 12 minutes with two sighter shots, SR1 target
  • Stage #2 : 10 rounds Rapid Fire Sitting, 100 yds; 60 sec/string, 2 sighter shots, SR1 target
  • Stage #3: 10 rounds Rapid Fire Prone, 100 yds, 70 sec/string; SR21 target, 2 sighter shots in two minutes
  • Stage #4: 20 rounds Slow Fire Prone, 100 yds; 22 minutes with 2 sighter shots; MR31 target
  • Each stage has a 3 minute preparation period 

Shoots: Second Sundays of March through November

  • 8:30am set up, finish approx. 12pm
  • Open to members and non-members. $10.00 fee per relay. Bring your own ammo. (Club members can purchase ammo — $35) 
  • Any military style rifle (semi-auto or bolt action) up to .35 cal

For more information call: Tom 717-393-4214 or Vaughn 717-367-2444

Download the NRA High Power Rifle rule book here.

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William Penn Pistol League

We have 2 teams in the William Penn Pistol League: Red Rose and Mount Joy. 

The season runs from September through April. Matches are Wednesday nights starting at 7:00pm. Cost is $5.00.

Our Mount Joy team practices on Sundays at 1:00pm.
Our Red Rose team practices Fridays at 7:00pm.

Think you might be interested? Contact one of the people below –or come to one of our practices.

If you decide to join, you will need a .22 caliber revolver or semi-auto pistol. If you are thinking of buying one, stop by one of our practices and we’ll show you the guns we use.

Course of Fire (all one-handed)

  • 20 shots slow fire (2 – ten shot relays each in ten minutes)
  • 20 shots timed fire (4 – five shot relays of 20 seconds each)
  • 20 shots rapid fire (4 – five shot relays of 10 seconds each)

Each shot is worth 10 points and a total possible score is 600.

The top five shooters from each team are considered the gold team for the evening and the match is decided by their aggregate score.  

The five next highest shooters are considered the blue team and their points for the evening are scored the same. These scores are accumulated over 27 matches to determine the best Gold and Blue club teams for the season.

Shooters may shoot two handed but their scores do not count toward team aggregates for each match. This allows new shooters or those with physical limitations to enjoy the camaraderie unique to the shooting sports.

For information contact:

Mount Joy captain — Alex Pierce:

Mount Joy captain — Art Best II: 


Red Rose captain — Paul Castellano:

Come on out and share in the fun!

Visit the league website for additional information:

Stay current on all our activities via the calendar and Facebook