Jul 11 2021


8:30 am

High Power Rifle Match – Outdoor Range Closed

100 Yard reduced target course. 10 shots offhand slow fire, 10 shots sitting rapid, 10 shots prone rapid, and 20 shots prone slow fire with 2 sighters per position for a total of 58 rounds minimum to shoot the match.

NRA standard rules apply. Can use any military or military style rifle that is semi-auto or bolt action such as M1903 Springfield, M1 Garand, M14/M1A, and AR-15s. Other similar firearms are acceptable like Mausers, AKs, etc. so long as they are not bigger than .35 caliber.

Cost is $10 to shoot and is open to the public. Club has rifles for folks to borrow and ammunition available to sell to CLUB MEMBERS (CMP rules say we can only sell to club members).